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Our game for #LDJAM

You're the director of the hot new theatre play in town, but your actor are being completely useless! Some of them learned the wrong script, and it's your job to make them behave!

You can use your megaphone, imbued with your directive prowess, to shoot a script towards an actor, who will learn it instantly and perform that part, and you can take their old script for another actor! But you have to be quick, because as we all know the internet age has reduced the patience of everyone, and you're audience will quickly grow annoyed with your actors' incompetence!


====================== Instructions ====================


  • A and D to move.
  • Left click to shoot your current script.
  • On the upper right you'll have a brief line of text describing the script (for instance, "What a big mouth you have!" is Red Riding Hood's script).
  • Click on the icons on the lower part of the screen to change between scenes.
  • On the lower part of the screen is the audience's current satisfaction for each scene, don't let it fall too much or you'll lose!


====================== Credits =======================


Moitapechá, @moitapecha (moitapecha.com ):

  • Cristina Arbones Pérez, @crisarbones: Character Art & Design
  • Lucas González, @LucasGZP: Game Design, Production

Doce Brujos, @docebrujos (docebrujosgames@gmail.com):

  • Bruno Galán Adega, @ese_bruno: Character Art & Design
  • José Luis Jiménez López: Programming
  • Jose "sueloNava1" Navarrete Vicente, @jm_nava: Programming

a bonfire of souls, @abonfireofsouls (abonfireofsouls.com):

  • Álvaro Anaya Marín, @Dantronk: Game Art & Design
  • David Báez de Burgos, @dabamaqui: Programming
  • Christian Fratta, @hherebus: Animation
  • Christian Luque Hurtado, christianluquehurtado@gmail.com: Environment Art & Design

Parejo Music, @parejomusic:

  • Daniel Parejo Pascual: Music & SFX


=================== Special thanks ======================


Our mascot, Gaara the Cat!