"Work!" is a game (based on true stories) about working in a company and earn money in order to buy great items and be promoted, or...

We are:




Music and sound design by @parejomusic

Made for #ldjam35 #ludum-dare-35


workWin.zip 57 MB
workGameMAC.app.zip 26 MB
workGameLinux.x86 24 MB


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This was short and sweet. Really enjoyable. The music was really well thought out.


wow good game dude!

(1 edit) (+2)

Enjoyed this little game and managed to explain my thoughts on the deeper meaning behind it... Nice one guys! :)

*Just realised when this was released... never mind!*



I feel so old :| Thanks for the game

Que jodida MARAVILLA


Holy shit that game was fucking beautiful


Very cool - I wish it was longer! =)

This is an amazingly simply game that truly inspires "NO"!

I truly enjoyed playing this!

Great game!